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narita airport-osaka-fujisan-tokyo

Narita Airport-Osaka-Fujisan-Tokyo

Hi, me and my husband will be travelling to Japan for honeymoon from 30th December 2014 to 9th January 2015 for about 11 days trip.

We have planned the following:

1) Reach Narita Airport @ 11am on 30th December 14 and will be travelling straight to Osaka for 4D3N.
- Plan to stay in Umeda area, will be visiting Universal Studio Japan and other sightseeing in Namba area.

2) 2nd January leave for Mt Fuji area for 3D2N
- Plan to stay around Lake Yamanaka-ko due to limited hotels

3) 4th January leave for Tokyo for the rest of the trip (6D5N)
- Plan to stay in Shinjuku - Leaving for plan in the evening.

With the above planned itinerary, can you please suggest the transport pass that I require?


Hi there!

Japan is the best honeymoon place in the world (at least if you ask me) and spending new year there is also a great idea. Now let's move to your itinerary. I think that a 7 day JR Pass would offer good value for your planned travel. You would be able to make good savings by using it for travel from Narita Airport - Osaka and then to Tokyo via Lake Yamanaka-ko

I also read that you stay near Yamanaka-ko because of limited hotels. Did you know that many hotels only publish there availability 3 months ahead? It may worthwhile to check hotels in November and see if other rooms are available.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your reply :)

I just want to check, which date would it be best for me to start the 7 day JR Pass?

And, I didn't know many hotels only publish their availability 3 months ahead... usually my husband do the booking so i am the one planning the itinerary... and thank god for the free cancellation offered by many hotels booking website. I will go and take a look when the trip is closer :D


Hi again,

I would start using the JR Pass from day one. Traveling from Narita Airport - Osaka is very expensive with the JR pass. So basically I would use the JR Pass from day 1 - 7.

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