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Narita - Osaka - Kobe - Osaka -Kyoto -Nagoya - Fujisan - Tokyo -Narita

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my friend and I are planning to visit Japan in September.. Here's what we would like to do


We will arrive at Narita airport Tuesday sept 4th around 3pm.
We booked and hotel at about 30-45 minutes from. Since there is a bus shuttle from the airport to the hotel, we are all good

  • Osaka

We bought plane tickets with JetStar on Wednesday sept 5th to go to Osaka.
We booked our hotel in Osaka, so that day too we're all set

  • Kobe

We went to go to Kobe the next day (only for the day), Thursday sept 6th. We want to try carpooling or hitchhiking to interract with people more but we don't know if it's that all that common in Japan. If not we would then need a mean of transportation to go to Kobe in the Early morning and come back to Osaka in the evening (even during the night is ok).

  • Osaka

We will then stay in Osaka until Saturday sept 8th and leave for Kyoto (that day too we would need to find a mean of transportation)

  • Kyoto

We will stay there for 2 days and leave for Nagoya

  • Nagoya

we will stay for one day and leave for Mt Fuji

  • Fujisan

We plan to arrive late afternoon to start climbing, see the sunrise the next morning , go down and be on our way to Tokyo

  • Tokyo

We will stay there until Sept 20th (5-6 days) then go back to Narita

  • Narita

Our plane back to Montreal leaves on sept 20th at 6.48pm

Now my questions:

  • what would be better: taking a JR pass or buying each train tickets as we go? I asked because I read we can't use the JR pass on every train line.

-If the first option is better, would the 7day pass be enough to go everywhere?

  • Can we buy the JR pass online and pick it up at the airport when we arrive (From what I understood, it seems we will not be able to buy it at the airport)

  • Will we be able to ride the Shinkansen once in our itinary?

  • What about the subway in Tokyo, Kyoto... is there a sort of 1day, 7day pass we could buy ?

  • I would even push my luck as to ask if you could provide me with an itinary so I have an idea of the train lines to take.

I know this question was a little long (and I apologize for that) but I wanted to put as much detail as I could.



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Hi Andrew,

a 7 day pass is ¥28,300, so you'll need to spend more than that on JR tickets for one to be worthwhile. Lets take a look at your costs (assuming Kawaguchi/Otsuki for Fuji):

  1. Osaka > Kobe(hyogo): ¥390, (24mins, 33km)
  2. Kobe(hyogo) > Osaka: ¥390, (25mins, 33km)
  3. Osaka > Kyoto: ¥540, (29mins, 42km)
  4. Kyoto > Nagoya: ¥5440, (49mins, 147km)
  5. Nagoya > Otsuki: ¥12120, (188mins, 414km)
  6. Otsuki > Tokyo: ¥1450, (100mins, 87km)
  7. Tokyo > Narita airport terminal 1: ¥2940, (58mins, 79km)

TOTAL: ¥23270 for 7 legs

As you can see it will make more sense for you to purchase individual tickets than a JR Pass. If you'd travelled by train from Narita to Osaka, or do a further ¥5000 of JR travel, it is a clear choice to go with a JR Pass. This really depends on your itinerary however.

Although this may not be relevant, here are some answers to your further questions :)

  1. The JR Pass must be sent to you for activation in Japan, so you'll need to get it mailed to your address rather than a pickup at the airport in Japan
  2. Yes - you'll be able to ride the shinkansen for many parts of your trip - for the leg from Osaka to Kobe (if you want), but certainly for the legs from Nagoya to Otsuki and Tokyo.
  3. For the subways in Tokyo and Kyoto you can purchase 1 day passes, but I would recommend that you pay as you go unless you intend to do a lot of travel in these cities. You can find more on Tokyo and Kyoto transport passes here.

Hope this helps!

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over 5 years ago

Hi Mari!!

Thank you so very much for your answer! wow!! It was quick and right on! You wrote exactly what I was looking for if not more.
Once again thanks a lot.


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