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I'm planning a trip to Japan this June, and will be landing in Nagoya.

This is my tentative itinerary:

Day 1: Arrive in Nagoya. travel to Mishima (via SHINKANSEN KODAMA)
Day 2-3: climb Fuji
Day 4-5: visit Hakone (via SHINKANSEN KODAMA)
Day 6: visit Tokyo (via SHINKANSEN KODAMA). return to Nagoya (via via SHINKANSEN NOZOMI)
Day 7: Travel to Shirakawa-go (via nouhi bus)
Day 8-9: travel to Toyama (via nouhi bus)
Day 10-12: return to Nagoya

some of the routes require travel on Shinkansen; will they be fully covered by JR pass? if not, how much more to top-up?
Also, how abt the bus services and the Tateyama-Alpine route? any discounts offered with JR pass?
Please advise.
Thank you


Hello there,

The JR Pass covers all Shinkansen lines and you can use the Kodama and Hikari trains, however the Nozomi trains are not included.

There are no discounted on the Kurobe Alpine route with the JR Pass but you can use the JR Pass for travel to Toyama and Shinano-Omachi station.

Hope this helps,

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