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nagoya -> osaka -> tokyo

Nagoya -> Osaka -> Tokyo

Hello. Me and my friends will go for a vacation around Japan for about 9 days.
This is our schedule so far:

7th June in the morning : arrived at Chubu Airport
7th June - Exploring Nagoya
7th June in the evening : going to Osaka and spend the night
8th June - Exploring Osaka
9th June - Exploring Osaka, going to Tokyo at night (or evening)
10th-15th June - Exploring Tokyo

We will be departing from Haneda Airport on 15th June, 23:45 PM

I wanna ask
1. When is the right time to use our 7 day JR Pass?
2. Can we use JR Pass to go around Nagoya/Osaka? (We've already known about Tokyo)

Thank you very much for your help :)


Hello there!

1.) I would suggest activating your JR Pass on 7th for travel to Osaka and later on to Tokyo as well. This is by far the most expansive travel in your itinerary. Do note that it is slightly cheaper to buy normal tickets Nagoya - Kyoto - Tokyo, however a JR Pass could be of good use if you plan to do additional travel, such as a day trip from Tokyo.

2.) The JR Pass is also good for local travel around Osaka, you can practically reach every important part in the city. The JR Pass can also be used on local trains around Nagoya but you'll be using the metro/bus much more frequently.

Hope this helps you :)

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