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nagano to tokyo 31-12-14

Nagano to Tokyo 31-12-14


We tried to reserve (green) seats from Nagano to Tokyo for 31 December and were told we couldn't.
I had assumed this would be a really busy time so assumed a booking would be essential. Is this incorrect?

Also, if we wanted to take a nozomi, would this require a new ticket or would it be an fee/premium in addition to our jr pass?



Hello there,

I am sorry to hear that! Was any reason specified why it was not possible? Travel around new year is indeed very busy and reserving seats a couple of days in advance certainly is recommended.

As for the Nozomi, it only travels south of Tokyo and Nagano is north (it does not run to Nagano). I'd advising trying again and perhaps look at traveling at an other time if the train is already booked.

Hope this helps,

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