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Hi Daniel

My friend and I would be coming to Japan for 12 days. We have 4days 3 nights gap in Nagano before we return to Tokyo.

We have not confirmed our itinerary and hence have not decided a 7-day JR Pass or 14 days pass.

Our last stop is Matsumoto on 30 Oct and going to Tokyo on 2 Nov. Between 30Oct and 2Nov, we are interested with these places but do not really know how to plan the route and how to get there. Could you assist us?

  1. Jigokudani Wild Monkey Park
  2. Tenryu-kyo valley
  3. Tsumago and Magome

Are the above too ambitious in your opinion? Please advise.

Thank you very much.


Hi there!

Those are some very nice places to visit! However it does involve a good amount of travel, even though they make look close on a map. This is especially true for travel to Tenryukyo.

Tsumago and Magome are closest to Matsumoto to it's best to keep them for last and Jgokudani is best visited as a day trip from Nagano. Which leaves Tenryu-kyo in the middle. The question is if you think the amount of travel involved is worth it? Below are the routes from Nagano, Matsumoto and the Tenryu-kyo valley

Nagano - Tenryukyo

Tenryukyo - Matsumoto.

Both routes are covered by the JR Pass.
As alternative you could travel from Nagano to Matsumoto and make a day trip from there to Kamikochi.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Daniel san

Thanks for your help. We will think through and see what to do.

Thank you very much.


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