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my itinerary for 7 days in japan

My Itinerary for 7 days in Japan

Hi !!

I will be reaching Osaka Kansai Airport on 15 December on 2014. I am planning to cover Osaka, Kyoto/Nara and Tokyo.

15 December : Osaka
16 December : Osaka
17 December : Nara / Kyoto (stay one night)
18 December: Tokyo
19 December: Tokyo
20 December: Tokyo
21 December: Tokyo
22 December: Tokyo

I am considering between Nara / Kyoto. Main attraction in Nara is the Nara Deer Park. But if i am not wrong, to access Nara Deer Park from JR Nara, it is not covered under the JR Pass, is that right ?

Also, is it possible to cover Kyoto and Nara in one day which is on 17 December ? If I want a stay in the natural hot spring ryokan, will Kyoto or Nara will be a better experience?

Thank you !!!!

Emily ^___^


Hi Emily!

Nara is very small and it is easy to walk from the JR station to the deer part and any other attraction in Nara. Otherwise the bus is only 100yen so no worries either way :)

Kyoto alone can keep you busy for weeks and I would not visit both Nara and Kyoto in a single day. The extra travel time would be a waste, at least that is how I would feel about it.

Kyoto has a couple of nice hotsprings, one of the more famous is Kurama Onsen in the north of Kyoto.

Hope this helps,

PS: Is that a whale at the end^

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