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mt fuji to kyoto

Mt Fuji to Kyoto

In a trip to Japan in July, my friends and I are planning to travel from Tokyo to Mt Fuji, climb up and stay up top for sunrise, descend and then go onward to Kyoto. Is there a station close enough to Mt Fuji to do this from, or should we travel back to Tokyo first? We can descend from the crater on top of Mt Fuji on any of the trails, if that makes it easier to get to a more direct line.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


Hi there,

There are different courses and routes going up the mountain. One of the four most popular is the famous Kawaguchiko 5th station, from where the hike starts. Depending on your route you can make the approach from Kyoto with the Shinkansen to Shin-Fuji and take a bus to the base of the mountain from there.

JTNO has a great guide on how to climb Fuji it answers your question much better than I could and is well worth reading.

Hope this helps!

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If you find anything regarding your question will you please post because I am planning on doing the same thing. Morrowen, do you know what you will be doing with your luggage?


At this point, we're looking at an express bus from Shinjuku, and I'm still juggling train options onwards to Kyoto. For luggage, I'm actually going to price out the luggage forwarding options, to our hotel in Kyoto, from what I've read it's not much more expensive than opting for lockers, and it'll be one less thing to worry about when it comes to the climb.


Thanks for replying. I have heard of services that deliver luggage which might not be a bad idea and I've heard conflicting reports of coin lockers that some you can have for 3 days and others they empty at night? Have you heard this? I guess I will look into it. When are you planning on going?


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