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Hi there,

Finally tickets to Japan is booked! I thought I'll draft an itinerary but any suggestions to make our week long stay enjoyable is welcome.

Arriving at Kansai Int'l A'port on Friday night on the 14th of June 2013.
Staying in Osaka downtown for 2 nights (Friday & Saturday and most of Sunday morning) - give us time to explore the area.
Depart Osaka Sunday 16th in the afternoon and head to Kanazawa, spend 3 nights there, my sister lives there.
Head to Tokyo on Wednesday the 19th spend 2 nights (Wed & Thurs).
Back to Osaka on Friday morning spend the night then fly out on Saturday the 22nd June in the afternoon.

Can you please advise the best train ticket to purchase and best place to visit would love to go on the bullet rain to Tokyo!

Myself and my partner are both super excited!




Hi Anna,

I think a 7 Day JR-Pass will be very well suited for your itinerary. If you use it first on the day that you travel to Kanazawa, then you can use it for all of your remaining travel (16th-22nd), including the ride back to the airport.

Here is a little overview savings you can make with the JR-Pass.
Osaka --> Kanazawa ¥ 7,240
Kanazawa --> Tokyo ¥ 12,410
Tokyo --> Osaka ¥ 13,550
Osaka --> Kansai Airport ¥ 2,200

For a total of ¥ 35400, the 7 Day JRPass is ¥ 28,300 saving you at least ¥ 7,100 + you can use it on local JR trains in Tokyo and possibly Osaka. This also includes the bullet train between Tokyo and Osaka and partly when you travel from Kanazawa to Tokyo.

When you arrive consider buying a 980 Yen ticket at Kansai airport.

Have a great time in Japan!

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Thanks very much very helpful Daniel,

Have been talking to my sister who lives in Kanazawa and she advised that we should travel from Osaka then Tokyo then to Kanazawa via Kyoto the back to Kansai airport.

Could you please let me know if this the best way to do it and if we can usr JR 7 day pass.

Much appreciated, thanks!



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