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mount shirane

Mount Shirane

I would go to Mount Shirane in early May and I know there are JR buses from NAGANOHARAKUSATSUGUCHI station to Shirane.
I would know what are the schedules of departures/arivals and if these buses have a stop in Kusatsu onsen.

Thank you in advance for your commenst


Hi there,

Buses leave about every hour, unfortunately the online time table is in Japanese only but I think you should be able to understand it.

Nagano-Hara Kusatsu-guchi is 長野原草津口
and Kusatsu-onsen is 草津温泉

English time tables are available locally.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you for answer Daniel. It's very useful once translated with Chrome browser.

In despite of this my last stop is Mount Shirane (aprox. 30 min from kusatsu). My question is:

The JR buses go on to Shirane or I must to take another one?

In somewhere I read there was a JR bus doing the route Nagano-Hara Kusatsu-guchi-Shirane directly. Isn't it true?


Yes you are correct the bus makes a stop at Mount Shirane but only during the warmer part of the year.
The current bus time table is the one for winter, I think the new one will be available around the end of April.
The best thing is to check the time table again around that time.

Sorry, I don't have a time table available for the Summer Schedule at this point.

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