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mount fuji - hakone

Mount Fuji - Hakone

I have about 5 days to explore Mt Fuji-Hakone from 6th-10th Dec 2013. Would like to know what is there to do there during my stay. I will be staying at Fuji Lake Hotel near Kawaguchiko Station if not mistaken and Prince Hotel in Hakone. Is it true that the journey between this 2 hotels is about 200 minutes away. Is it true?




Hi Denice,

Winter is a very beautiful period to visit Hakone, as Fuji will be all white and the sky can be very clear.
Still five days is a relative long time to explore Hakone, You can find some interesting websites about what to do in Hakone, here, amd here. My personal recommendation is to visit an Onsen for sure!

I looked up both of your Hotels and the Price Hotel is not very close to a railroad station, so 200minutes travel time is not a bad estimation.

I hope this helps,

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