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miho museum

Miho Museum

I am planning to visit the Miho Museum on Saturday, May 2. I will be traveling from Naoshima Island Saturday morning. Travel to/from the museum requires a bus ride from the vicinity of the Ishayama station.

My question is:
1) What is the best morning travel plan to reach Ishayama and the Miho Museum from Naoshima?

2) if I plan to travel back to Tokyo the same evening, is traveling back to Kyoto before returning to Tokyo the best option?

I realize this will be a long day, but it is my only option to see the museum.

Thank You!


Hello Scott,

Coming from Naoshima, the first part of business is taking a ferry to Uno. From Uno, the JR can be used to Ishiyama station (it's actually very close to Kyoto station). From Ishiyama it's a 50min bus ride to the museum. Here is the bus time table.

The Ferry time table Naoshima - Uno is here.

Lastly, the JR Route Uno - Ishiyama. Route 2 and 3 are the best.

I'd take the ferry from 7:50 am which arrives 20 minutes later. Than use route 2 or 3, departing Uno station from 08:29 arriving at 11:20 at Ishiyama and then the bus departing at 12:10 to the museum. The connection from train to bus is 50 minutes apart, you could also spend 20 minutes or so at Kyoto station, get some nice food at travel with a later train to Ishiyama.

From return to Tokyo, travel back to Kyoto station and take a Shinkansen directly from there to Tokyo.

Hope this helps,

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