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mid-september jam-packed itinerary

Mid-September Jam-Packed Itinerary

Hi all,

Just looking for a quick itinerary check. (sorry it's super detailed).

Are we trying to squeeze too much in?
Will we end up spending our whole trip on trains? (Okinawa flights are already booked and cannot be moved)
Is the 14 day pass the best option for us, considering there are few journeys off-piste?

Thanks in advance!

10/09 - Land at Narita early AM, travel into Tokyo
11/09 - Tokyo
12/09 - Day trip to Nikko, returning to Tokyo in the evening
13/09 - Travel from Tokyo to Kyoto in the morning, spend the rest of the day in Kyoto
14/09 - Kyoto
15/09 - Travel from Kyoto to Koyasan (via Osaka) in early morning to stay overnight with monks. Aware part of this journey is not covered by JR-PASS.
16/09 - Leave Koyasan for Nara. Aware part of this journey is not covered by JR-PASS. Spend day in Nara, leave for Osaka in the evening
17/09 - Travel to Kansai Airport and fly to Okinawa
18/09 - Visit Tokashiki Island
19/09 - Fly back from Okinawa to Osaka in the evening
20/09 - Leave Osaka for Hiroshima in morning, spend lunchtime and afternoon in Hiroshima then travel on to Miyajima and stay the night
21/09 - Leave Miyajima for Tokyo to arrive by early afternoon
22/09 - Travel to Narita to fly home


Hi there,

You do have a busy itinerary but it does work out well. Also because you travel so much, the 14 day JR Pass will still give you amazing savings. Especially with visit to Nikko and Hiroshima added in. The JR Pass will also nearly cover all your travel and the only part I see you purchasing additional rail tickets is from Osaka - Koya-san, this is however only a small part.

All looks great for the rest!

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For Koyasan, look into a Koyasan World Heritage Ticket. You'd still use the JR Pass to take you from where the Ticket leaves off to go on to Nara.


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