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may 4 - 22

May 4 - 22

Flying in/out of NRT for our Honeymoon ☺ We would like to take our time and not try to fit in everything.

May 4 – Arrive Tokyo at 1PM
May 5- Tokyo
May 6 – Tokyo -> Hakone
May 7 – Hakone
May 8 – Hakone – Kyoto
May 9 - 13 – Kyoto
May 14 – Kyoto -> Tokyo
May 15 – May 22 – Tokyo

Should I fit in Osaka for 3 Days/4 Nights?

Is JR Pass worth it?
Can I reserve tickets at Narita airport? (in particular for Hakone on May 6)

We’ve allotted a lot of time in Tokyo to fit in certain items I really want to do.

Kyoto Day Trips
- Nara, Arashiyama

Toyko Day Trips
- Ashikaga Flower Park - Mt Fuji Day Trip (Shibazakura Festival) - Tokyo Disney - Studio Ghibli (already in process of securing tickets through authorized vendor)


Hello there,

The 7 day JR Pass would be worth it if you make at least the return Tokyo - Kyoto with it. Right now May 6 - May 14th is 8 days. You could consider returning in the evening on the 13th to get the best out of the JR Pass, otherwise the best option would simply be to purchase normal tickets as you travel.

It is certainly possible to reserve tickets once you arrive at Narita Airport.

As for Osaka, you could simply make a list of 3-4 places you wish to see the most and make a day trip from Kyoto. Osaka is only 30 minutes away by train.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel-san

Do you mean I should return on the 12th instead?

I didn't know Osaka was so close to Kyoto :)




Hi there,

Yes, you are right! Sorry, should have been the 12th. Looking at it now, it would mean 2 days less in Kyoto. Which in a way would be a shame.

Still hope you found the post useful,

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