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may 14 - 27, arrival kansai departure narita

May 14 - 27, arrival Kansai departure Narita

Hello group
Japan will be our last country of our round-the-world trip! Looking forward to end this trip in style! But also, we are looking to opportunities to save a buck or two after a long trip...

We arrive early on May 14th at KIX. During the first week, we want to visit Hiroshima, Osaka and Kyoto plus maybe 1 day trip before taking the train to Tokyo late on the 21st or early on the 22nd as we have tickets for the sumo tournament in Tokyo that day! We then leave on the 27th at night from Narita. Probably 1 day trip to Fuji or elsewhere this forum would recommend.

What would be our strategy for the JRP? Pay separately to go from KIX to Osaka, stay 1 day, then activate the pass for Kyoto, Hiroshima, day trip (Nara?) and Tokyo? Would a 2 week pass be worth it to include a day trip from Tokyo and to reach Narita?

Your advice is appreciated.


A one week JR Pass would pay off and make the most sense. If you want to go to Tokyo on the 21st then you can start using your pass from the 15th. If you go to Tokyo on the 22nd, then activate your pass on the 16th. A 2 week pass though would not pay off, unless you added to your travels, like Himeji near Kyoto and NIkko, north of Tokyo. But as far as value goes, a 7 day pass works best.
You can also use various regional passes around Tokyo or Kansai outside of the pass if you wish. See:


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