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maximizing usage of jr pass

maximizing usage of JR PASS

good day!

I just had my 7 day JR Green Pass for all members of my family ( 6 ) for use on the ff itinerary :

May 9 Arrival KIX ( explore Osaka )
May 10-13 OSAKA ( Explore KYOTO, NARA )
May 13-16 TOKYO ( Explore FUJI/HAKONE, TOKYO)
May 16 Osaka ( back at hotel)
May 17 Departure KIX

1) which is best way to maximize time and use of JR PASS to visit FUJI HAKONE - FROM OSAKA after hotel check out in OSAKA? or FROM TOKYO after check in at hotel in TOKYO?
2) Can i still squeeze a visit to HIROSHIMA AND KOBE either on May 10 or 11?
3) When do i activate my JR pass in order to maximize the 7days ? Upon arrival at KIX? or the following day?
4) Are all the trains covered by the above route have all green cars?

Would appreciate much your kind attention.


Hi there,

1.) The key to using your JR Pass in the best way possible, is to cover as much travel with it as you can. Visiting Tokyo is by far the more expansive route, so be sure to use it there. The Shinkansen station for Hakone, named Odawara is directly on the route between Osaka - Tokyo so you can visit it either way.

2.) It would be possible to add Hiroshima, Kobe or both to your itinerary but I feel that it is already packed. Doing so may not give you enough time to enjoy the other places.

3.) Kansai - Osaka does not have to be expansive and a one way ticket can be as low as 1,000yen. So my advice would be to activate your JR Pass on the 10th. You could do so after landing at Kansai Airport or at Osaka and Shin-Osaka stations.

4.) Yes and yes!

Hope this helps!

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