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maximize kansai to narita


It will be my first time to visit Japan. I've already booked.
I will be arriving 30th day of the month at 1955H Kansai International Airport
and leaving 7th day of the following month at 1145H Narita International Airport Terminal 2. So there are total of 9 days.
How can I maximize the use of the 7 day JRPass? Can you suggest a itinerary ?

Joni Tan
Joni Tan

Hi Joni Tan,

In broad lines, you could visit Kansai Airport - Osaka (start using the JR Pass - Hiroshima - Tokyo - Kyoto - Kansai Airport. This would give you great value out of the JR Pass and help you make savings compared to purchasing normal tickets.

You can make side trips as well, such as to Nara, Miyajima and Nikko if the fancy takes you.

I can give you some specific recommendations if you tell me what kind of things you'd like to do.

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