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matsumoto to kawaguchiko to hakone

Matsumoto to Kawaguchiko to Hakone

I will have a 14 day JR Pass travelling 1-16 April 2016 starting in Osaka and working my way to Matsumoto. From Matsumoto I would like to stop for 1 night at Lake Kawaguchiko then the following day head to Hakone area for sightseeing before heading to Tokyo later in the day. Is it best to travel by train for the Matsumoto to Kawaguchiko station? Then from Kawaguchiko station to Hakone on my way to Tokyo, use the train or a combination of bus and train? I do not want to be transferring too many times with luggage and I am also in a wheelchair but have no problems getting on and off buses and trains. I am a little concerned about accessibility at the railways stations at Matsomoto, Kawaguchiko, Kofu and Otsuki railway stations. Please advise me of the best way to go about getting from one destination to the other (listed above).


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Here is the route Matsumoto - Kawaguchiko. Basically it means taking a ltd. express train to Otsuki and from there take the Fujikyu line to Kawaguchiko. There are also ltd. express train from Matsumoto - Otsuki that travel there directly, but you generally have to leave early. That leaves Otsuki as transfer station, here is a handy transfer guide. You can always ask the JR Staff for assistance as well, they will be mroe than happy to help.

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Thank you so much for this I fomation. I will have to check wheelchair accessibility at Otsuku Station as I cannot use stairs on the overpass. I've seen the map but it is in Japanese so I will look into this further.


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