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kyushu itinerary - final review.

Kyushu itinerary - final review.

I leave on this trip soon and I think this is the final itinerary. Any feedback or recommendations Would be most appreciated. Thank you, Sarah

July 1st to July 16th
1 Arrive Tokyo for 4 nights
2 Tokyo
3 Tokyo
4 Tokyo
5Train to Kobe (3 hours) 1 night - to break up long trip and to eat beef!
6 Train to Beppu (3.5 hours) 2 nights
7 Beppu
8 Bus to Kurakawa Onsen (2.5 hours) 1 night
9 Bus to Kumamoto then train to Kagoshima (4 hours) 2 nights
11Train to Nagasaki (3 hours) 3 nights
12 Nagasaki
14 Train to Osaka ( 5 hours) 1 night - to break up long trip and do food circuit!
15 Train to Tokyo (3 hours)
16 Depart Tokyo


Yes, thank you Toraneko but I have changed this itinerary from the one you commented on. We are going to Beppu instead of Kumamoto and arriving in Kyushu via Beppu instead of via Kagoshima. Your thoughts?


Well, Beppu is not a bad choice either. Actually, Kumamoto Castle is closed due to extensive earthquake damage, and that is one of the highlights of the city. In Beppu there are the famous hot springs of course, but also its Hells Tour, plus the nearby Takasakiyama monkey park/aquarium is one of Japan's best. Plus the view from Mt Tsurumi on a clear afternoon is extremely nice as well. If you really like hot springs, you could pop over to Yufuin for a few hours too. And back in Kobe, there is the Arima hot springs also.

For going straight to Beppu, you'd need to change trains at Kokura (Kitakyushu City). If you have the time, you could also see Kokura castle.


Thanks for all your help Toraneko.


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