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kyoto to narita airport

Kyoto to Narita Airport

My friends and I will be in Japan in October.
My friend is leaving 4 days earlier than me and my other friend. We initially thought we'd all have to go to Tokyo the night before to catch her flight the next day. It leaves at 12.15pm. But now we've thought that maybe she can take the train from Kyoto early the morning she leaves. The timetable shows: 6.27am Kyoto to Tokyo station on Nozomi Shinkansen
Arrive Tokyo at 8.23am
Leave Tokyo at 9am on Narita airport Express and arrive Narita airport at 9.58
It is only a 17minute changeover. Will this be ok, do you think? Is the Shinkansen ever delayed?

My friend would then get a 7 day JR pass and pay for the ticket Kyoto to Narita and I will buy a 14 day JR pass.


Hello there,

That would certainly be a possibility. Shinkansen are rarely delayed, however there is always a possibility. The transfer is not something to worry about too much and 17 min. time should be more than enough. Tokyo Station literally has sights everywhere with Narita Express --> that way!

Also, do keep in mind that the JR Pass does not cover the Nozomi, so your friend would have to pay the full fare. I guess that you may already know this though :)

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Thank you!


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