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kyoto to narita

Kyoto to Narita

My family (two adults, two teenagers) will be traveling to Japan in July. We fly into Tokyo Narita on Sunday July 21st and spend four nights in Tokyo. We then travel to Kyoto on July 25th and spend four nights there. Our flight home from Tokyo Narita is on Tuesday, July 30th at 5:00 pm. I had assumed we would take the JR train back to Tokyo from Kyoto on July 29th, and spend another night there and then head to the airport on July 30th. I am now wondering whether there is someplace other than Tokyo that you would recommend we spend our last night that would be convenient to traveling to the Narita airport for a 5:00 pm flight on July 21st. (Since we already have four nights in Tokyo, if there is an opportunity to visit somewhere new, while not making our travel brutal, we'd like to look into it.) Thanks for your help! We have a 7-day JR pass.


Hi There,

I like the idea of spending your last night in a different place, some people return to Tokyo the last day for shopping before heading back but visiting a different place is a great way to get the most out of your trip (and JRPass).

The first option that comes to mind is Yokohama this is a great visit and will and little to none extra time to your route. To get there simply ride the Shinkansen from Tokyo and get out at Yokohama (the stop before Tokyo) you can take the Narita Express the next day from Yokohama station directly to Narita Airport without worry.

Personally I love the bright China Town and modern harbor of Yokohama but it is a very big city with lot's to offer. See this website for some additional ideas.

Alternatively you could spend the night at Nagoya and travel on from there the next morning but this would involve extra travel time on your departure date.

Enjoy Japan!

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