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kyoto to kii tanabe and shingu to tokyo

Kyoto to kii Tanabe and Shingu to Tokyo

Hi, I'm travelling to Japan in September/October for 12 days. i'm not sure of the best type of pass to get for the journey. I am travelling from Kyoto to Kii Tanabe to do the Kumano Kodu (3 day hike). After the hike I will travel from Shingu to Tokyo (5 days) and then return to Kyoto via Mt Fuji. I'm also travelling to and from Osaka airport and Kyoto.
Does the pass cover travel to and from the Kumano Kodu region?
Is it best to only get a pass for the 7 days (Shingu - Tokyo-Kyoto)? or is it better savings to get a 14 day pass for the whole trip?


Hi there,

You can use the JR Pass to get to Kii-Tanaba, from there however you will have to use other transport for the last part to Kumano-kodo.

I recommend the 7 day JR Pass if you can cover Shingu - Tokyo-Kyoto within its validity period. You'd have to do additional travel if you wish to use a 14 day JR Pass.

You may also find this area overview with transport options useful.

Hope this helps,

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