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kyoto doable in 1 day?

Kyoto doable in 1 day?


just wanna check is it possible to do all this 1 day?

from Osaka
Nara- yoshino/kinpusenji
Kyoto-fushima inari shrine
kyoto- ginkakuju temple/gion/marayama park/higashiyama/kyomizudera/philosopher's path

I would want to leave gion and maruyama park in the evening at night.
the depart to yoshino from Osaka in the morning.

Thank you


Btw, how long does it get to walk through higashiyama?


Hi there,

I think you'll struggle to fit all of that into 1 day.

With an early start you could spend the morning in Nara I think, and then aim to explore some of the temples you list around Kyoto during the afternoon ending with Gion in the early evening. While I heartily recommend Arashiyama, it would take an afternoon up by itself I think. As you are on a tight schedule, I recommend using the Kyoto subway and bus system to get around - it is not covered by the JR Pass but will save you some valuable minutes :)

Please also bear in mind that the train to Nara from Osaka is around 1hour. The trips from Nara to Kyoto and Kyoto to Osaka will be around 45mins each. This means you will have to factor in around 3hrs of travel into your plans.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks mari!!

I see... i guess i will need to look at my plan again. Thanks


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