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kurokawa onsen bus from beppu and aso

Kurokawa onsen bus from Beppu and Aso


We are planning our honeymoon in Japan for this September and after checking many guides we have decided about the itinerary. Everything is more or less under control except for Kurokawa onsen, mainly because we are unable to find any bus or train timetable in english. So we can not check if our plan will fit or not with the schedules of the public transport. We have planed to reach the area from Matsumoto by train and want to go directly to Kurokawa onsen, sleep there two nights and visit also Aso and then move to Beppu and spend there one night so the following day we can take an early train to Miyajima. In summary

1st October: Matsumoto -Kurokawa onsen
2nd Ocboter: Kurokawa onsen-Aso-Kurokawa onsen
3rd October: Kurokawa onsen- Beppu
4th Ocober: Beppu- Miyajima

Can you please tell us the timetable for the bus (we know there is also a JRbus) or suggest a better organisation so we can manage everything?

Thank you very much.

Alícia and Jaume


Hi there!

Congratulations with your marriage! Japan is absolutely the best place in Japan to enjoy your honeymoon, good choice!

What I am a little concerned about is your trip from Matsumoto to Kurokawa onsen. The travel time Matsumoto to Kumamoto is 428 Minutes (slightly over 7 hours) of non stop travel, than you would have to take the bus from Aso to Kurokawa. There are a couple of buses each day from Kumamoto, here's is the time table Weekdays and Weekends/Holidays. It is only available in Japanese but I think that you will be able to understand it.

熊本駅前 = Kumamoto station and 黒川温泉 = Kurokawa Onsen. The last bus leaves Kumamoto @ 15:30 so you would be able to reach Kurokawa in one day but pretty much loose the whole day to travel.

I hope this helps!

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Hi Daniel
but are there departure schedules from kurokawa back to kumamoto/aso ?

Does the kurokawa bus goes to kokonoe dream bridge?

( I know these are from hakata to kurokawa onsen

Any other fastest method from hakata to kurokawa by train?

Can i buy those bus tickets on the spot?



Hi JJ,

Yes the website you linked also show return schedules, see this:

However I don't think that it stops at kokonoe dream bridge, although I could not confirm this.

Kurokawa is just reachable by bus, you can however take the train to Aso and take the bus from there. This way you can save some money on the bus fare if you have a JR Pass.

Seat reservations for the Nishitetsu bus which you liked all need reservations in advance, the telephone number is also on the website.


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