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kansai to tokyo via kanazawa and nozawa onsen

Kansai to Tokyo via Kanazawa and Nozawa Onsen


We are a family of five with 3 children aged 10,12 and 14
We will be travelling to Japan in January 2013 for 12 days
The itinerary is roughly- Arrive Osaka 18th, one night there, 3 nights in Kyoto, 3 nights Kanazawa, 3 nights Nozawa Onsen and then tokyo 28-30th January.Leave Tokyo late on 30th January

Is the rail pass going to help us out with fare costs and if so are we better with the 7 day or 14 day pass?



Hi there,

As a 7 day rail pass is ¥28,300, lets calculate your approximate costs in plain JR tickets to get an idea of whether it's economical for you:

  1. Kansai airport > Osaka: ¥2600, (53mins, 57km)
  2. Osaka > Kyoto: ¥540, (29mins, 42km)
  3. Kyoto > Kanazawa: ¥6910, (124mins, 224km)
  4. Kanazawa > Togarinozawaonsen: ¥7780, (221mins, 275km)
  5. Togarinozawaonsen > Narita airport terminal 1: ¥11600, (280mins, 339km)

JR ticket cost: ¥29430 for 5 legs

  • 07 day rail pass (¥28,300) saving: ¥1130

As you can see, with the current itinerary, the 7 day rail pass will be economical but the 14 day pass will not be. It may still be worth looking at the 7 or 14 day pass depending on your flexibility needs or other travel that is not listed above, but in it's current status your itinerary would best be done by purchasing individual JR tickets I think.

You can look up precise train timetables and costs at the Hyperdia travel planning website and learn how to use Hyperdia for JR Pass holders through our video blog.

Hope this helps!

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