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kansai and hokkaido valid with jr pass?

Kansai and Hokkaido valid with JR Pass?


I'm planning a trip to visit the Kansai area and Hokkaido, during a total of 3 weeks. I am just about to buy my railpass for 3 weeks but I keep getting clues online that the railpass is NOT valid for the Hokkaido JR lines.

On this site I can only find one railpass, no choice of types. So I want to know: will my railpass (purchased on this website) cover all my travels on both Honshû and Hokkaidô?

Thank you very much for a swift reply.



Hi there,

I can confirm that the Nationwide JR Pass/Japan Rail Pass (that you can purchase online with us) is 100% valid for all JR lines in Hokkaido.

The nationwide pass you can purchase here will also cover all JR travel on Honshu, providing you ride valid Shinkansen bullet trains (Nozomi and Mizuho bullet types are excluded - full validity). You will also be able to use the current fastest shinkansen, the Hayabusa, from Tokyo up to Shin-Aomori if you are traveling up Honshu by bullet train.

Hope this helps!

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