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just checking if my itinerary is good for jr pass

Just checking if my itinerary is good for JR Pass

Hi there, as per title, hopefully one of you kind people can validate my itinerary to ensure all is good to travel using the JR Pass I'll be arriving in Tokyo (Narita) on 4th December and will depart back to London on 9th.

I have done some research and will be buying a 7 day first class JR Pass. I'm not 100% sure if I can use the pass for travelling between Osaka & Hakone but I'm fairly sure all other journeys are OK (I think??!)

Here's my proposed schedule (I know it's pretty packed), it would be great if I can get some advice on whether I will be OK for the JR pass.

4th December - Depart Narita station at about 11:00, destination Hiroshima
5th December - Depart Hiroshima at about 19:00, destination Osaka
7th December - Depart Osaka at about 18:00, destination Hakone
8th December - Depart Hakone at about 18:00, destination Tokyo

Thanks all in advance.!


Hello there,

It's a busy but great plan! I like the idea of visiting Hakone at the end to enjoy its nature before returning home to London.

The JR Pass will cover all of your travel between the above places, including Osaka - Hakone, only within Hakone is it that you may have to use other transport. The Shinkansen station for Hakone is Odawara, so plan your trip with this station in mind.

It is also nice that you've got a greenpass for this route, as you will spend a good amount of time on the train.

Hope this helps,

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Nice one Daniel, thanks for the help, very much appreciated.


Hello Daniel, we have our Green JRPasses and are pretty much set for our trip and definitely looking forward to it.

If you are able to (or another forum member can) perhaps you can clear a few things up for me regarding the Shinkansen trains for the above schedule:

1) Will the trains have on board WiFi?
2) Will the trains have on board power outlets?
3) We will be planning to reserve all seats for all our journeys in one go when we arrive at Narita airport. If we have to then get a different train to the one reserved, is it fairly simple to change the reservation and would this be free for JRPass holders?

Thanks in advance!


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