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jrpass: is it worth it?

JRPass: is it worth it?

Hye.. I am planning to travel solo to Japan, early Nov. Here is my original plan.

Will land at Chubu, Nagoya, on 31st Oct.
1st - 3rd Nov: stay and exploring Kyoto and Nara (look forward to explore the autumn in Japan)
3rd - 5th Nov : Osaka
5th - 7th : Kanazawa
7th - 9th : Mt Fuji (Kawaguchiko / oshino)
9th - 11th : Tokyo Disneyland
11 - 13th: Tokyo
13th / 14th: fly to Seoul.

Can you please advise me on my itinerary as a whole picture? This will be going to be my first time travelling solo, and first time i visit Japan as well. I am trying to cut down the budget on transportation, if possible. Do you think i should apply for JRPass?

Thanks in advance on taking your time :)



Hi Anne,

I think it looks good as a first time Japan trip. I like the fact that you've also included Kanazawa, this is a nice addition to Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo. It also looks good in terms of travel time, the only part which does need a bit of attention is Kanazawa - Kawaguchiko, this is a pretty long route with different transfers. Be sure to familiarize yourself with it before traveling the entire route. An alternative could be to travel to Tokyo first and then visit Kanaguchiko from there which is a lot easier.

As for the JR Pass, I checked the route but it would be better to buy normal ticket for this one.

Hope this helps,

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