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jrp travel help!

JRP travel help!

Hi JRP experts!
I'm going on a trip to Japan in a few weeks and planning on travelling around a fair bit.
I know the places I'm going but can anyone give me advice on stations that I should leave from and optimal routes I should use with the JRP? Rough timings would also be amazing!
Here's my itinerary:
- Tokyo (3 nights) - Kyoto (4 nights) - Osaka (2 nights) - Hakuba (2 nights) - Tokyo (3 nights) Many thanks for any help anyone can offer :)


Hey there,

Your journey is pretty straightforward, except for Hakuba perhaps.
Here are a couple of example journeys:

Tokyo --> Kyoto 161 Minutes Kyoto --> Osaka

Osaka --> Hakuba is a bit more tricky, Hereis the normal route but takes 400+ minutes and you have a number of transfers. You can also take the Shinkansen to Nagoya, from there take the limited express train to Matsumoto and from there you can take a local train to Hakuba, this is not faster but the trains are more comfortable.

From Hakuba to Tokyo, you can take a local train to Matsumoto and from there to Shinjuku (Tokyo). Also once a day a limited express runs from Hakuba directly. This takes about 238 Minutes with a transfer in Matsumoto it takes about 30min more.

Hope this helps,

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