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jr vs subway pass vs pasmo

jr vs subway pass vs pasmo

my itinerary as below and wonder if to buy 7d jr pass, 3 days subway vs pasmo

total 9 days.

day 1
narita to edogawa via bus. edogawa to shinjuku / tokyo town via train

day 2
disneyland via shuttle

day 3
edogawa to odakyu romancecar station at shinjuku

day 4
return from hakone via Odakyu romancecar at shinjuku station to takanawadai st.

day 5 to day 8
takanawadai or gotanda station to visit places of interest such as
gotemba - possible shinkansen?
fish market

day 9 to narita termin 2.
from takanawadai st. to gotanda st. to shinagawa st. to take narita express

i am still not clear of the trains hence appreciate fellow visitors kind advise. thanks !


Hi there,

Most of your travel is around the Fuji and Tokyo areas. My advise would be to buy normal tickets here or use an IC card like Suica. There are different companies that you will be travelling on and using an IC card will make this easy.

A JR Pass would not pay off, as the amount of distance is limited. A JR Pass would have been great if you made a trip to Kyoto/Osaka.

Hope this helps,

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many thanks daniel

i am now exploring the 72 hours + skyliner express for yen 5470
which wil be used for my final 72 hours and head to narita.


Hi again,

That is also a good option for sure!

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hi daniel san

i would like to check based on your experience, is google map reliable ?

i found a route from takanawadai st to narita terminal 2 from google map but not hyperdia. can i actually rely on the below ? thanks for your help. i need to reach narita by 8.30 to take a 10.30am flight.

7:00 AM
Takanawadai Station

7:03 AM
SubwayAsakusa Line各停Sengakuji
3 min (non-stop) · Platform 2

7:03 AM
Sengakuji Station
SubwayAsakusa Lineアクセス特急Narita-Airport
23 min (13 stops) Continue on the same vehicle
TrainNarita SkyaccessNarita-Airport
1 h (8 stops)

8:27 AM
Airport Terminal 2 Station
8:27 AM

Cost: ¥1,380


Yes, Google Maps works great in Japan.

However for routing on public transport, I would use instead.

The route you have here looks to be a Tobu line (it would not be covered by the JR Pass).

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