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jr pass, ordering from japan and visa extension

JR Pass, ordering from japan and visa extension


I want to order a JR Pass, but I don't know if I still qualify. I am already in Japan and would like to order a pass, directly to Japan or to my home Adress in Germany and send as express Parcel to Japan. Also, I will extend my temporary visitor visa from 90 to 180 days.

Can I stil order a JR Pass...
...When I arravied in Japan before ording the JR Pass? ...I am going to stay for longer then 90 days (But still have a temporary visitor visa) ...Can I order it directly to japanese address?

Thank you in advance!


Hi there,

Generally they will just give you a new 90 day visa and that works fine. If you want to be sure, please send us a copy/photo/scan of the visa via and we will confirm it for you.

While we can't accept orders directly from Japan, we can ship to Japan. So please ask someone to place the order for you outside of Japan and we can ship it to your address in Japan.

Hope this helps,

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