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jr pass or individual tickets?

JR pass or individual tickets?

Day 1 Narita to Tokyo
Day 2,3 in Tokyo
Day 4 Tokyo to Hakone
Day 5 Hakone to Kyoto
Day 6 Kyoto
Day 7 Kyoto to Osaka
Day 8 Osaka to Kansai

I'm considering 7 day green JR pass with separate purchase of transportation from Narita to Hotel in Tokyo (Westin). Is rail pass necessary or is purchase of individual tickets better? Can seats be reserved in advance/online with green pass? Does having the rail pass make travel easier (i.e. don't have to wait in line to buy tickets)?



Hi there!

From your itinerary I guess that you are flying from Kansai Airport? If so I think that it would be best to by normal tickets as you travel. The JR (Green) Pass would be a good option if you would make a return to Tokyo. However without returning to Tokyo there would not be enough travel cost for a JR Pass to pay off.

Seat reservations can be made with or without the JR Pass at any JR Station.

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