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JR Pass Help

My partner and I are heading to Japan and we are staying in both Tokyo then travelling to Osaka and back to Tokyo.
We will need to catch the train from Tokyo to Osaka and return.
We are also wanting to go to Hiroshima from Osaka, Nara from Osaka and Disney from Tokyo along with possibly going to Yamanouchi-machi to see the snow monkeys.
Im tyring to get my head around the JR pass and I think that a 14 day pass may be my best bet but I want to know if I buy a JR pass can I use it for all these trips?
Are there any suggestions for the travel and train passes for the above?
Thanks so much!!!


Hi there,

Using a 14 day JR Pass will definitely be the best option here. You can make very good savings by travelling to Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima, Nara, Nagano (Yamanouchi) and possible elsewhere too.

The JR Pass by far most of your travels, however travel from Nagano - Yamanouchi is not included, as there are no JR lines.

I recommend travelling directly from Osaka - Nagano, as its a beautiful trip to make.

Hope this helps,

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