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jr pass for this itinerary?

JR pass for this itinerary?

Hi all,

So my wife and I are visiting Japan for 8 nights in January. Our itinerary is as follows:

  • Arrive Tokyo Sunday morning and spend 3 nights there
  • Train from Tokyo to Kyoto
  • 4 nights in Kyoto, including some day trips to Osaka and maybe elsewhere (haven't planned in detail yet)
  • Train from Kyoto to Tokyo
  • 1 night in Tokyo and then ride the Narita Express to NRT

From my calculations, a 7 day JR pass would be activated sometime during our Tokyo stay (Tuesday to cover the 7 days). This would cover our trains to and from Kyoto, any day trips from Kyoto and the Narita Express back to the airport.

Based purely on this, it would seem buying tickets for individual trips would be cheaper than a 7 day pass? My questions are:
- will I get additional use out of the JR pass beyond these trips, eg within Kyoto? - the convenience of the JR pass is worth something to us, as it would be nice not having to worry about buying a ticket each time, so if there are likely to be additional uses I'd be inclined to purchase it even if a little more expensive for this reason.

Thank you very much!


Hello there,

Traveling between Tokyo - Kyoto by itself would not help you make savings. However the JR Pass can quickly become useful by adding a little travel here and there. For instance going back from Tokyo - Narita Airport with the NEX will already save you 3,000yen. The JR Pass can also be used for travel to Osaka and within Osaka, additionally it can be used for limited local travel within Kyoto, such as to Arashiyama, Fushimi Inari and Uji. As you know, it would also serve as a single ticket for all your travel during the 7 day period.

Also don't forget that the JR Pass allows you to take any train you wish. You could for instance make a day trip from Kyoto to Hiroshima or Himeji.

Hope this helps!

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