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jr pass for 12 days in tokyo, kyoto, hiroshima

JR Pass for 12 days in Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima

Which pass (if any) would you recommend for the following 12 day itinerary?

30/10/16: Arrive Narita 6pm
1/12/16 - 04/12/16: Tokyo
4/12/16: Tokyo > Kyoto
4/12/16 - 9/12/16: Kyoto (day trips to Nara and Universal Studios)
9/12/16: Kyoto > Hiroshima
10/12/16: Hiroshima
11/12/16: Miyajima (undecided whether to stay a night here or just do day trip)
12/12/16: Miyajima or Hiroshima > Tokyo (fly out at 7.30pm from Narita)

This is not set in stone so locations can be moved around. Other general advice is also appreciated, especially where to stay. I am travelling with my dad, sister (17yr) and brother (19yr). I am 25yr old female.



Hello there,

You will do most travel (when it comes to distance) in the period 9/12 to 12/12. Using a 7 day here alone would give you considerable savings compared to purchasing normal tickets. The key then becomes to cover as much other travel as well, in order to get the best out of your pass. You could also include travel to Nara and Universal studio with the JR Pass and possible other local travel. Then buy normal tickets for the remainder of your trip.

I would advise staying in Hiroshima city. As there is much more to do there and Miyajima is an easy day trip to make but is not that interesting after dark.

Hope this helps,

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