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Hi Daniel San,

I have just posted question, kindly ignore it & will post it here for clear understanding
This is my hubby & me first time to Japan, will like to be free & easy, much appreciate your guidance.
The itinerary & the JR pass need to purchase.
. Osaka
13 May
arrive Osaka-Kansai airport
Stay at Kanade Hotel (Osaka Namba)
14 May
-Osaka Aquarium -Namba Park 15 May
-Osaka Castle -Umeda sky building For 14 & 15 May is the arrange of the itinerary good or need to amend, you may advise me.
16 May -check out to Kyoto
-Ibis hotel -to Bamboo forrest Kindly advise from Kanade hotel , if i take JR namba station to Kyoto, how is the route like,
I have go thru but become more confuse.
17 May -check out to Tokyo
Shinkansen from Shin Osaka or Kyoto station.

17 May -Hotel Mystays Nishi

Tsukiji Fish market
The rest of the few day will be free & easy
21 Dep Tokyo to Nartia or Heneda

Many thanks in advance


If you are only going one way, then unfortunately no JR Pass can save you anything here.
For the Kansai area, there are actually several non-JR companies, so there are some cases when you
have more than one choice. For example, you could take JR from Osaka to Arashiyama by way of Kyoto Stn, but you could also take Hanshin as well and not need to go through Kyoto Stn at all.

It is unclear if you had another question.

Good luck.


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