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jr pass and japan itinerary for 14 days

JR pass and Japan Itinerary for 14 days

Hello All,

We (2 persons) are planning the trip to Japan about 14 days (Feb.29-Mar.13). This is our first time travelling to Japan, we want to see 3 main cities Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. Please give us suggestions and recommended about where need to go or the better itinerary and transportation.

Day 1 (Feb 29): Arrival to Tokyo at 10:35am, maybe we will staying at Shinjuku or Asakusa. We will walk around Sensoji, Skytree and somewhere at afternoon and evening.

Day 2 (Mar 01): Tokyo to Nikko (Day trip). Is it worth to see or not? Can i combine with other places?

Day 3 (Mar 02): One day for Disneyland.

Day 4 (Mar 03): Kamakura. We need to stay overnight here or go back Tokyo? Can i combine go to Yokohama also?

Day 5 (Mar 05): Mt. Fuji, we want to see/view Mt Fuji, which place (Hakone or Kawaguchiko) is good to stay overnight? And how to go to Mt. Fuji from there?

Day 6 (Mar 06): Nagoya (How many day is good to stay at Nagoya? 1 or 2 days before go to Shirakawago? Is it worth to stay at Nagoya one night?

Day 7 (Mar 07): Shirakawago. We want to see the snow and walk around this place so one night is good for stay at here?

Day 8 (Mar 08): Kyoto- Where we need to go or see?

Day 9 (Mar 09): Nara day trip and go back Kyoto

Day 10 (Mar 10): Osaka (still no plan yet)

Day 11(Mar 11) :Osaka (still not sure where to go, maybe Hiroshima).

Day 12 (Mar 12): Kobe day trip. We need how long to walk around here? Can we combine with other places?

Day 13 (Mar 13): Osaka and departure at 8PM.

I still have some confuse about JR pass? May i ask JR pass can use for JR line inside Tokyo and JR from Narita to Tokyo? What's kind JR pass need to book?

Is it the itinerary cramped?

Thank you so much.



Hi Alex,

I think that you already made a great selection of places to visit. To start with Nikko, personally I love Nikko. The temple complexes are some of the most impressive in Japan and theres a lot of nature about as well, great for hiking if you are into that.

Kamakura and Yokohama are pretty close together and some do combine it, at the same time I think there's enough to do in Kamakura to keep yourself busy for a single day. Its not too far from Tokyo, so no need to stay the night there.

For mount Fuji, I recommend visiting the Hakone area as it is way easier to access and you can travel directly to Nagoya from there. Doing so for Kawaguchiko is a big pain. There are also great Onsen Ryokans around Hakone to stay the night at. Shirakawago is a great experience, especially when you stay there for the night.

For Kyoto, have a look at this itinerary for nice ideas on what to see and do.

For day 11, I would recommend a day trip to Hiroshima. Both the get the best out of your time in Japan and the JR Pass. You can also make a visit to the close by Miyajima from there.

The JR Pass is both valid for trains in Tokyo and nationwide, we have a full map available for you here. I recommend using a 14 day JR Pass for your trip to japan.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel,

May i have the details of itinerary for transportation and the price of each?

Ex.: Tokyo to Nikko, what's kind of transport and how much for the round trip?

Many thanks.


Hi again!

You can find any route using, we also have a guide on how to plan with

Here is Tokyo - Nikko as example.

I've set all the parameters for you, so you can also use this link to look up other tickets prices. A return trip is simply double the price of a one way ticket.

Hope this helps,

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