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jr pass 7 day 14 day or none?

JR pass 7 day 14 day or none?

First time Trip for 2

Tokyo - 26-29

Nothing actually scheduled in between most likely Nara and Kyoto and fukushima

Tokyo 8-9

I really only booked Tokyo due to the difficultly getting hotels, plan on trying to find onsens and ryokens on the way

any suggestions would be AMAZING !


sorry that was

Mar 26-29th
and Apr 8-9


Hi there!

I definitely think that a JR Pass could be a great help!

Just by visiting Kyoto you would be able to start making savings with the JR Pass, by adding in travel to Nara and Fukushima you would really make good use of the pass, especially if you can do so with a 7 day JR Pass.

I would also recommend a visit to either Wakayama or Kinosaki-Onsen from Kyoto if you want to visit and enjoy an onsen.

Have a great trip!

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