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Jr pass

Hi there.

My itinerary as below.

30th Dec arrive Tokyo at night to check in to Richmond premier musashikosugi
31 Dec – disneysea
1 Jan – check out Tokyo and leave to hakuba overnight and go night skiing
2jan – overnight hakuba – skiing and snow monkey park
3 Jan – leave hakuba and head to osaka. Visit namba
4 Jan – Osaka overnight, trip to Kobe / nara
5 Jan – Osaka overnight . Osaka aquarium. May do UNiversal studios..
6 Jan – leave Osaka to head to Hiroshima overnight. May head to Mazda museum if we make it in time, as tour starts 10am. Then peace park etc. ( or should I head from Osaka to Kyoto first?)
7 Jan – leave Hiroshima to Kyoto overnight. Visit gion,
8 Jan – Kyoto over night , Toyota tour in Nagoya – have checked tickets. Available but unsure as of yet .
9 Jan – back to Tokyo.
10 Jan – Disneyland
11 Jan – prepare to leave Tokyo back to Perth!

Above is my brief itinerary, first question is, will most of the above be covered by Jr pass .
2nd - is it worth getting the first class tickets or can I just get away with standard
3rd - if I order Jr pass this weekend, will this get dispatched by Monday n arrive to Perth Australia by Thursday latest? As I leave 29th Dec. or can I collect from an office somewhere in Perth?


Hi there,

Yes, the JR Pass covers all important travel if your itinerary and you can make great savings compared to normal tickets. You can certainly "get away" with buying an ordinary class but 1st class can certainly be nice, especially since you will be traveling a lot.

If you order this weekend, then I would expect the first delivery try on Wednesday in Australia, it is possible but delays can happen, so it is somewhat tricky. A better option may be to look at a local JR Pass re-seller.

Some advise on your itinerary, I do think visiting Osaka - Hiroshima - Kyoto makes the most sense, as it nicely spreads travel around.

Hope you find this useful,

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Thank you Daniel for your quick response. I guess I might be buying green ticket instead. I did some research and not all trains offer green though. However will my above itinerary mostly have green car?

Thank you for the advice. I will go with Osaka Hiroshima then Kyoto


Hi again!

All the main routes have Green Class, it is mostly for local trains within cities where there are no Green Seats.

Going Green for your itinerary works fine.

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