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jr pass

Jr pass

Hi. Would like to check if 7day rail pass would be better.
Tokyo -kyoto - tokyo
Tokyo -shibazakura festival -tokyo
Rest of the days would be just around tokyo
We already have limousine pass to and from Narita.
Would 7day pass pay off? Thanks so much!!!


Yes a 7 day pass would break even by making the round trip down to Kyoto (and you should definitely not miss Nara either) with going to the Fuji 5 Lakes area partway (up to Otsuki) using the pass. You'd still need to pay to take the Fujikyu Railway Line to Kawaguchiko Station at ¥1140 one way. If you still have time and your pass is valid, taking a day trip from Tokyo to Nikko is well worth it. Seeing the Ashikaga Flower Park is also very beautiful.


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