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Dear : JR Representative,

We have plans for production inspection and business trip from KOKURA to take the Train until SHIN-OSAKA, and heading back at the same day.
1. Please kindly inform us for the Timetable and what type of train from KOKURA to SHIN-OSAKA, possibly in 28 May 2014.
2. For if, my trip started at 9 in the morning to business meeting. What is the most suitable time in the afternoon to head back for KOKURA, with less traffic on the way to the station.
3. What is the Line that I have to que and buy the Ticket at SHIN-OSAKA station, and what type of train. Please kindly complete us for the Time Table from SHIN-OSAKA to Kokura. I would like for your advice first and foremost.

Highly appreciated for your soonest response.


Sari Lim
General Affair for PT. FORTUNA TERUSJAYA


Hi Sari Lim,

1.) Trains between Kokura and Shin-Osaka are very frequent. I don't have an old fashioned time table for you but you can use to look up your itinerary and trains you wish to travel on.

2.) The trip back to Kokura is a little over 2 hours of train travel. My advice would be to take a train after 7. This way you can skip most of the rush hour and enjoy travel in a more relaxed manner.

3.) Tickets can be purchased at any manned ticket counter on any JR station, nation wide.

Hope this helps!

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