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jr kanto or east passes

JR Kanto or East Passes


Planning a trip to Tokyo with side trips between 14 December to 18 December before remaining in Tokyo or another side trip from 18 Dec to 22 Dec. Would gladly appreciate help in terms of the use of the JR passes.

Currently, the rough plan is this:
14 Dec:
-Arrive at Narita -Travel to Ueno -Travel to Kusatsu 15 Dec:
-Kusatsu 16 Dec:
-Travel to Minakami 17 Dec:
-Stay in Minakami 18 Dec:
-Travel to Hakone 19 Dec:
-Stay in Hakone 20 Dec:
-Travel back to Tokyo 21 Dec:
-Tour Tokyo 22 Dec:
-Depart Tokyo via Haneda

May I know if the plan makes sense? And may I know which passes would best fit the plan. The JR Kanto Pass seems to cover the places I want to get to, so does it make sense to buy the pass for 2 periods to cover the transport to these places?




You can look up regular rail fares on Hyperdia. The Kanto Area Pass is only valid for 3 consecutive days - your travel plans exceed this. The JR East Pass works for 5 days within a 14 day travel period, but costs more than what you are traveling. Please note also that for either, you'd need to take some buses which are not covered by either pass. JR does not go all the way to Hakone though. A Hakone Free Pass would work better. And it is not clear if the ropeway to Owakudani will be operating by then - it is currently closed indefinitely. Going to see the Fuji 5 Lakes might be better, but it is up to you. You could of course get 2 Kanto Area Passes, but you won't save much if anything.


Thank you so much Torakeno. Much appreciated.


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