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jr kansai area

JR Kansai Area

My itinerary are as follow;

Day 1 (SUnday) Itami airport to OSAKA (Shin-Osaka Station)
Day 2 (Monday) within OSAKA
Day 3 (Tuesday) Shin-Osaka Station - KYOTO
Day 4 (Wednesday) within KYOTO
Day 5 (Thursday) within KYOTO
Day 6 (Friday) KYOTO - NARA (day trip), NARA-KYOTO
Day 7 (Saturday) - KYOTO - Itami Airport

There will be 3 of us. Based on the itinerary above, what is best way and most economical way to get around? I understand that you have only maximum 4 days pass for JR Kansai area.
What do you think will work for us?
- For day 1, should I just settle for the individual tickets from Itami Airport to Osaka? - For day 2 & 3; within Osaka only, evening depart for Kyoto; Is it worth to get a 2 days pass? - For day 4 to day 7 ; Kyoto, Nara and trip from Kyoto to Itami Airport; a 4 day pass?

Awaiting your suggestion.




Hi there,

Looking at your itinerary, I would advise buying local tickets for your travel. Travel to Kyoto / Nara and Osaka is all close and travel costs are low. The JR Kansai Pass basically costs 2,000yen per day and you would have to do at least do this amount of travel for the pass to be useful. For instance a return ticket Osaka - Kyoto is only 1020yen.

You can buy an ICOCA card to make your travel more convenient.

Hope this helps!

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