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japan rail pass itinerary

Japan rail pass itinerary

Hello, this is my first time to planning itinerary and I have some questions. So my flight to Osaka on 20 may 2016, yes 8 months again but because this is my first solo backpacker and I am female so I'd like to planning carefully.
On 20 may 2016 until 20 may 2016, my flight landing and take off via kansai airport.
If I want to buy Jr pass 7 days, and I want to visit tokyo, hakone, Kyoto and miyajima. Does the timetable cover all that places? Ex:
13 : Kyoto
14 : Tokyo
15 : hakone one day trip back to tokyo
16 : Tokyo - Kyoto
17 : miyajima and Hiroshima one day trip from Kyoto
18 : Kyoto
19 : kyoto,Kobe and stay Osaka
20 : kansai airport
Does my itinerary to ambitious? Does jr pass cover it?
Do you have suggestions to my itinerary? Is it save for solo female backpacker go to that places?


Hello there,

While there is a fair amount of travel in your itinerary, I don't think that it is too ambitious. The most travel you will do on a single day is Kyoto - Hiroshima and back. This is between 2-3h/one way, so leave early to make the best of your day in Hiroshima.

The JR Pass covers travel between all the places, although you will have to use non-JR transport within the Hakone Region. Here a Hakone Free Pass can be a great help if you plan to touring the area.

I think you may already have read this but Japan is one of the safest, if not the safest country in the world and traveling as a female is very safe. Just don't venture into the night life areas alone at night.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you Daniel San, your answer is very helpful. I was worried about the timetable, because I read somewhere that if the trains stop at midnight. I can't walking fast, so I worried if my timetable can't cover all of it.
So, do I have to buy Tokyo subway pass or suica? I want to go to asakusa, shinjuku, shibuya, akihabara, harajuku and roppongi. One day enough to go to all that places? Or I should take two days?
One more thing tough (out of topic), do I have to take my winter jacket on may or sweater / light jacket do well?
Sorry my English is not well.
One more time thanks so much Daniel San.


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