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Japan Rail pass coverage

We are 3 of a family from Delhi are travelling to U S A by ANA and while returning to Delhi we will stay in Japan for 9 nights. Following is our plan:
Arrive Tokyo from SJC on 8th May. will stay in a Hotel at Narita .
9th May: Go by Limo or Taxi to Grand Pacific Hotel for 4 nights.If possible visit Nikko or Mt Fuji day trips.
13th May Go by Bullet Train to Kyoto for 2 nights stay at Hotel Park.
!5th May : Go to Kobe @ Hotel OKURA Kobe for 1 night. 16th May: Forenoon attend a function and leave for Narita via Tokyo Central.Halt night @ Narita Hotel.
17th May: leave for Delhi.
Following my questions:
1. What is the best way to reach Gr Pacific Hotel in Tokyo on 9th morning? How much does it cost by Taxi or by Limo?
2. How many days Japan Rail Pass we should take for our itinerary? Is it better to a 4 day Rail Pass for the last 4 days ?(Tokyo Kyoto.,,Kyoto Kobe.,Kobe to Narita). Is this possible and what is the cost of Rai Pass in JR per person(pl give both ordinary and Green Class fares)
3. Is there a package tour for 1 day trips to Nikko and to Mt Fuji? Need cost and some details of the tour.
Please advice best Rail Pass for our plan.
4. Also in Tokyo we may do some sightseeing and visit Akhiabara, if possible Kamakura by Metro/Rail.
Can we take a Metro Pass for this purpose?
5. Will we be able to see Cherry Blossoms during our visit from 9th May to 17th May in Japan?
Awaiting your reply ASAP.
Thanks and Regards


Hi Chandra,

1.) That depends on airport at which you'll be arriving. Here is the access website from your hotel with more details. A Taxi from Narita Airport is around 25,000yen and a limousine 40,000 (there's also a limousine bus service around 3,000yen per person).

2.) I would recommend the 7 day JR Pass for your travel. This is the only pass which covers travel to both Tokyo, Kyoto and Narita Airport. The JR Pass is 28,300yen for ordinary (2nd class) and 37,800yen for Green Pass (1st Class).

3.) I would recommend visiting Nikko on yourself there's a lot to see and do there and going by yourself would give you more freedom. You can use the JR Pass and Shinkansen to travel there.

4.) Yes you can either use the Metro or JR pass to travel to Akihabara, Kamakura is only possible by rail.

5.) The Cherry Blossom season is around the beginning of April, only in Hokkaido is there still a chance for Cherry Blossom in may.

Hope this helps!

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