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japan itinerary for a first timer & solo traveler


I'm traveling to JAPAN solo by March 2015 and this is my first time in JAPAN. I will enter & exit JAPAN via NAGOYA Chubu Centrair Airport from MANILA. I would appreciate if you can take a look at my itinerary:

17Mar (day1) - Arrive in NAGOYA at 8:30pm. Stay for the night (any recommended place to stay overnight?)
18Mar (day2) - START USE OF JRPASS. Transfer NAGOYA to TOKYO early morning. Explore TOKYO.
19Mar (day3) - Whole day DISNEY SEA
20Mar (day4) - Whole day Mt. Fuji tour (any recommended tour package? Is it cheaper if i rent a car for the day?)
21Mar (day5) - Half day explore TOKYO and shopping. In the afternoon, transfer from TOKYO to OSAKA
22Mar (day6) - Whole day UNIVERSAL STUDIO
23Mar (day7) - Whole day KYOTO (is it possible to explore Kyoto without booking a tour package?)
24Mar (day8) - Half day explore OSAKA. In the afternoon, transfer from OSAKA to NAGOYA. END USE OF JRPASS.
25Mar (day9) - Explore NAGOYA and shopping.
26Mar (day10) - Depart NAGOYA, flight going back to MANILA

I book hotels close to JR train station:
NAGOYA - 17 to 18 Mar - SUMINOYU HOTEL - 6mins walk from Nagoya Station
TOKYO - 18 to 21 Mar - HOTEL MARUTANI - 3mins walk from JR Ueno Station
OSAKA - 21 to 24 Mar - HOTEL SHIN IMAMIYA - located right outside JR Shin Imamiya Station
NAGOYA - 24 to 26 Mar - SUMINOY HOTEL or DAIICHI FUJI HOTEL - few minutes walk from Nagoya Station.

Hope you can give advise on my itinerary and suggest how to improve on this one.



Hello there,

I think that the basis is already very good and there's not that much I would change.

For Fuji, I'd advise taking the train to Kawaguchiko / Fuji 5 Lakes, this is the most budgetary option with the JR Pass and a nice area to visit. All the details are here.

For Kyoto, it's very easy to explore to city on your own pace and something I would recommend over a tour. Have a look at this post for some ideas to visit in Kyoto.

It all looks great for the rest!

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