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japan itinerary 11-23 april

Japan itinerary 11-23 April


i'm planning on visiting Japan from 11-23 Apr, here's my travel plan

Apr 11 : arrived Haneda, stay at Kamata Tokyo
Apr 12 : Tokyo DisneySea (Tokunai Pass)
Apr 13 : Five Lake Kawaguchiko, stay over
Apr 14 : Mt. Fuji 5th Station, back to Shinjuku Tokyo
Apr 15 : Tokyo to Toyama (JR Pass)
Apr 16 : Toyama (JR Pass)
Apr 17 : Alpine Route (JR Pass)
Apr 18 : Shirakawago, stay over at Takayama (JR Pass)
Apr 19 : back to Toyama (JR Pass)
Apr 20 : Kurobe Gorge, stay over at Unazuki (JR Pass)
Apr 21 : Tokyo (JR Pass)
Apr 22 : Tokyo (Tokunai Pass)
Apr 23 : Narita Airport (Tokunai Pass)

Questions are:
1. Should I get 14 days JR pass instead according to above itinerary?
2. I'm staying near JR Kamata, can I use the Tokunai Pass to travel to DisneySea?
3. Should I buy DisneySea entrance tickets before my arrival?
4. From Unazukionsen to Tokyo, is there other alternative (I only know unazakionsen - Toyama - Echigo-yuzawa - Tokyo)?
5. What's the difference between Suica card and Suica Pasmo card?
6. From Kamata Tokyo to Kawaguchiko Lake, is there express buses during the period I'm visiting?
7. From Five Lake Kawaguchiko to Mt. Fuji 5th Station, is there express buses during the period I'm visiting?
8. From Mt. Fuji 5th Station back to Shinjuku Tokyo, is there express buses during the period I'm visiting?
Any recommendation for the pass I have to buy when travelling around Kawaguchiko and Toyama?

Many thanks in advance!



Hi there,

1.) I very much like this itinerary! It's very active and exploring the Japanese alps also great! From reading your itinerary, I would advise a 7 day JR Pass. You can use it to cover all, otherwise pricey, travel with it. Then buy normal tickets, or local day passes (such as the Tokunai Kippu).

2.) The Tokunai ticket however does not cover the full way to Disneyland, it's actually one station short on the JR Keiyo line. You could buy the pass and pay the difference (140yen) upon exiting the gate.

3.) It's not needed on normal days, however it could be smart to do so such as on Holidays or the weekend.

4.) Sorry I could not find unazakionsen, however the Hokuriku Shinkansen will open at the end of March and you can use a Shinkansen directly from Toyama - Tokyo.

5.) Both are the same these days :)

6.) I am not sure about Kamata station, however buses go all year from Tokyo station and Shinjuku.

7.) Yes but buses run on a off-season schedule, meaning only 7 per day. Here is the time-table.

8.) I think that you will have to travel back to Kawaguchiko first and either take the train or bus from there.

I'd recommend a visit to Kanazawa if you are near Toyama, the city is one of the better kept secrets for foreign tourists but offers much. Kanazawa castle is very beatiful, there is Kenryoku-en and many other small things to visit and do!

Hope this helps,

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Good day Daniel san,

Thanks very much for your advice and suggestions! It helped to clear my doubts.

  1. Sorry I meant Unazukionsen. We intend to visit the Kurobe Gorge. Any shorter route?

Will add Kanazawa on my plan in case some of the schedule do not worked out or for a short trip. :)

For Alpine Route's Tateyama Station from Toyama, is the Toyama Chiho Railroad cover by JR Pass?

Many thanks in advance!



Hi Brads,

The fastest way will be to travel to Toyama and take the Hokuriku Shinkansen from there.

The Toyama Chiho Railroad is a private raiway and unfortunately does not accept the JR Pass.

Hope this helps too,

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Dear Daniel san,

Thanks very much for the advice. Will take note.

Have a great weekend!



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