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japan in october

Japan in October


I'm thinking about this itinerary its in october and going to the Takayama Autumn Festival. Should I add/drop anything? this is my frist trip I do to japan and it just me. the itenerary its like this:

1-4:Tokyo visiting Kamaruka and Hakone for side trips 5: Tokyo-Matsumoto 6: Matsumoto 7: Matsumoto visiting the Kiso Valley for side trip
8: Matsumoto-Gifu or Gero (the only places have find accommodation) 9-10: Gifu or Gero travel to Takayama for the festival and visiting Hida Furukawa and Gujo for side trips 11: Gifu or Gero to Shirakawa stay in farm house if possible if not to Kanazawa
12: Kanazawa
13: Kanzawa-Kyoto
14: Kyoto visiting Imperial Palace and arounds
15: Kyoto visiting Nara and Arashiyama
16: Kyoto visiting Hiroshima and Miyajima island. it profitable to make a stop at Hijemi Castel?
17: Kyoto
18: Kyoto goin to Mt Koya and staing if possible
19: Mt Koya retorning to Kyoto
20: Kyoto retorning to Tokio
21: Tokyo goin to Mt Fuji
22: Tokyo
23: return to home.

Thanks for your advice


Hello forgot to ask what better the 14 day pass or the 21 day pass??


Hello there,

Most of the route looks good, planning around a festival can indeed a little hard :)

What I would recommend looking at is if you could fit the travel period of Tokyo - Matsumoto [....] Kyoto - Tokyo in a 14 day period, this would allow you to make very good savings. At the same time, the price difference between the 14 and 21 day JR Pass is not that big and a 21 day JR Pass would work too.

Personally I'd go for Gero Onsen if choosing between Gero and Gifu, as it has a little more to do and it's easy to travel from there to Takayama.

Hope this helps,

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Thankyou Daniel-san, i will look if i can fit the travel period.
In other its posible that returning from Miyajime make a stop at the Hijemi Castel?? And its possible visit Ise Shrine from Kyoto??


Hi again!

Yes! Himeji makes for a great and easy stop in between! It is a great visit as it just finished the restoration.

Ise can also be visited from Kyoto :)

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