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japan 20 days itinerary - from argentina

Japan 20 Days Itinerary - from Argentina

Hi guys,
We are Mariana and Diego, rushing to finish our itinerary for our upcoming trip to Japan on March-14.
Could you take a look to our itinerary and help us decide wether to go for a 14-days pass or 21-days one?
Also, if you have any comment or suggestions regarding the itinerary itself it will be very much appreciated.



Day 01 - Mo Mar-17: Arrival to Narita, 9:25AM > Minato, Tokyo (Hotel)
Day 02 - Tu Mar-18: Asakusa/Shibuya/Shinjuku (Tokyo)
Day 03 - We Mar-19: Ueno (Tokyo)
Day 04 - Th Mar-20: Akihabara (Tokyo)
Day 05 - Fr Mar-21: Tokyo > Kamakura & Yokohama > Tokyo
Day 06 - Sa Mar-22: Tokyo > Nikko > Tokyo
Day 07 - Su Mar-23: Harajuku/Yoyogi/Meiji (Tokyo)
Day 08 - Mo Mar-24: Tokyo > Takayama
Day 09 - Tu Mar-25: Takayama > Shirakawago > Takayama > Kyoto
Day 10 - We Mar-26: Kyoto > Koya-san
Day 11 - Th Mar-27: Koyas-an > Osaka > Kyoto
Day 12 - Fr Mar-28: Kyoto > Hiroshima > Miyajima
Day 13 - Sa 29-Mar: Miyajima
Day 14 - Do 30-Mar: Miyajima > Okayama > Kyoto
Day 15 - Mo 31-Mar: Kyoto > Kanazawa > Kyoto
Day 16 - Ma 01-Abr: Kioto (west)
Day 17 - Mi 02-Abr: Kyoto > Mount Fuji > Kyoto
Day 18 - Ju 03-Abr: Kyoto (east)
Day 19 - Vi 04-Abr: Kyoto (center) > Tokyo
Day 20 - Sa 05-Abr: Tokyo
Day 21 - Do 06-Abr: Flight back to Buenos Aires, 10:30AM


Hi Mariana and Diego,

The 14 Day JR Pass would work perfectly for your travel, by using it from day Day 6 - 19 you would cover all your pricey long distance travel with it, making the best use of your pass. You could buy a Suica + Narita Express package for travel to Tokyo and use the Suica card for travel around the metropolis for when you don't have your JR Pass active.

To maximize the use of your JR Pass, consider changing day 5 and 7 around. This way you can also use your JR Pass to travel to Kamakura and Yokohama.

Have a great time in Japan!

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