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japan 11 days

Japan 11 Days


I would like to ask for your advise on my plan itinerary in Japan. From February 25 2016, I will be staying for 11 days in Ageo Saitama and I plan to buy the 7 day pass ( or 14 days pass if you think it is necessary)

Thursday Day 1: Arrive early morning in Narita. Take train to Ageo Saitama.

        Same day go to Yokohama for a half day visit. ( using JR Pass)

Friday Day 2: Ageo Saitaima- Hiroshima ( using JR pass)

        Visit Hiroshima Peace Memorial
        From Hiroshima go to Osaka ( is it too short of time?)

Saturday Day 3: Osaka and return to Ageo Saitama evening

Sunday Day 4: Ageo Saitama- Kyoto- Ageo Saitama ( JR Pass)

Monday Day 5 : Ageo station- Fuji 5 lakes- Ageo Saitama (JR Pass)

Tuesday Day 6: (Not too sure where to visit. Any suggestions?)

Day 7/8/9/ : Ageo Saitama- Big Sight Tokyo ( attending seminar)

                 ** For day 8/9 I plan to buy the daily unlimited tickets for JR Tokyo Wide Pass. I heard it would be 10,000   yen.

Saturday Day 10: ( Not too sure where to visit. Any suggestions?)

Sunday March 6 Day 11: Narita airport ( buy normal ticket)

Your recommendations on other places to vist and your advise on my plan itinerary is greatly appreciated.
Thank you,




Some missing sentance on Day 7/8/9-

I plan to buy the daily unlimited rides around Tokyo. I heard there are tickets from Tokyo Wide Pass or some other offers which costs 10,000 yen for 3 days and 1,000 yen for one day.


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